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Funky new 4x4 Fiat

Funky new 4x4 Fiat

Tell your local Fiat dealer you want one of these hot 4x4 Fiat 500s.

Italian tuner Scagliarini has given the Fiat 500 a new performance spin by grafting in the four-wheel drive system from a Fiat Panda.

To make the most of its new-found traction, Scagliarini's 504 Coupé Zagato Elaborata, as the car is called, a 180hp version of the 1.4-litre T-Jet turbo engine is fitted under the bonnet. A five-speed manual gearbox transfers power to the wheels, while new 17-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels sit on Abarth esseesse lowered suspension.

Other changes for the Scagliarini car are to the exhaust, which now has an Evo rear silencer and 102mm tailpipe. As an option, customers can choose a limited slip differential.

Style-wise, the 504 Coupé is easily spotted by the blanked-out rear side windows, while plenty of carbon fibre is employed for spoilers, bumpers and interior trim. There are also Abarth Corse front seats trimmed in Alcantara.

No word on price as yet from Scagliarini, but the company reckons it takes 60 hours to complete the conversion to four-wheel drive and finish all of the other upgrades.

Published on August 3, 2011
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