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Renault offers Zoe to Irish driving schools

Renault Ireland is offering the Zoe on a special deal to all approved driving instructors in Ireland.

Want to learn to drive, but fancy doing so in a more eco-friendly manner? Well, then, why not ask your approved driving instructor to invest in a new Renault Zoe? Helpfully, Renault Ireland is currently offering the Zoe on a special deal to all 1,500+ approved driving instructors...

Most affordable Zoe model

The offer is for the most affordable Zoe, the R110 version, albeit with the rapid-charge CCS plug connector fitted so that you can top up at 50kW charging speeds between lessons. Mind you, with a range of some 395km on a charge, you're not likely to have to need to charge it much during your teaching days. Even if you can't find a handy fast charger, the Zoe's 22kW onboard charger can still add 84km of range in just 30 minutes from most curbside public charging points.

Faster lessons turnover

The offer stands at €499 per month, over four years, and comes with benefits such as being able to offer both electric and automatic tuition - some 25 per cent of Irish drivers now take automatic-only tests. Going auto is also actually a little cheaper than those for manual cars, as according to Renault, and Hello EV, a specialist electric car driving school based in Howth, Co. Dublin, they spend 40 per cent less time on lessons - 30 hours instead of 50 - which also gives the instructor a theoretical faster lesson turnover during the day.

Warranty covers the car for instruction

Then there's the reliability aspect to take into account, plus the fact that the Zoe 110 is pretty well equipped - it comes with hands-free locking and ignition, wireless phone charging, climate control, a seven-inch touchscreen with navigation, and auto lights and windscreen wipers. Oh, and a five-year, 200,000km warranty too (which, yes, is still valid for driving instruction use).

On top of that, Renault is offering a home charging point worth €1,000 and a 'free driving school vehicle conversion' which is apparently worth €855. The car can be bought on zero per cent finance, and if you go for the four-year maintenance plan, you get a guaranteed Zoe replacement car for the one day a year your car will be in for a service.

Published on June 29, 2021
Written by