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Audi DataPlug and Connect Plug and Play App

Audi DataPlug and Connect Plug and Play App
New accessory can add connected car functions to any post-2008 Audi.

Have you got an older car - specifically an Audi - and are feeling left out by all these new whizz-bang connected car functions? Well, good news! From today, Irish Audi owners can upgrade their older model to include all that fancy smartphone-style added content.

Fits most post-2008 Audis

If you've got an Audi that was sold since 2008 (most models, anyway, and there's an online compatibility check) you can buy a new Audi DataPlug and download the Audi Connect Plug & Play App. Hey, presto! Your ancient A3 is now fully connected, and able to communicate with your smartphone.

The DataPlug costs a mere €62 and connects to the car's diagnostic interface. For a limited period, Audi will be including a free DataPlug with all Expert, Major or Sanitisation services booked online at Audi's Irish service page.

Log your journeys, check your fuel costs

The DataPlug connects to the Audi Connect Plug & Play app, which works on both Apple and Android smartphones, and allows you to do things such as log your journeys, recording details such as starting point and destination, date and time of day, journey time and route, and export them via the app as required if, say, you need to claim back the costs of a journey for work. You can also keep an eye on your fuel use and costs - whenever the Audi DataPlug registers a refuelling process, the app will notify the driver, and there will be the chance to record the cost. When refuelling more than ten litres, the system will automatically log when, where and how much a driver refuels.

If those fuel costs are going up, you can actually improve the efficiency of your own driving, because the app can record detailed breakdown of driving data, including acceleration, engine speed and braking habits.

Find your car in a crowded car park

The DataPlug has a GPS locator in it, so you can use it to help find your Audi in a crowded car park, or share the location of your car with other people, and you can use the app to both set up a service booking with your Audi dealer, or call out the roadside assistance people if needed. Oh, and if a warning light flashes up on the dashboard, the app also displays a selection of their vehicle's warning and control lights with helpful explanations to help respond appropriately.

Jason Mallon, Head of Aftersales, Audi Ireland said "This is a very important product launch for our customers and we are very excited to launch this to the Irish market. We understand the importance of a connected car and we have developed this to be as user friendly as possible and easy to install. From direct customer feedback, we know that customers will benefit from the features including; tracking fuel costs and improving driving efficiency, based on the access to analysis and statistics available. All product details will be available on or alternatively all nationwide dealerships will be able to answer any customer queries."

Published on June 23, 2021
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