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Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept

Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept Hyundai shows off Genesis X concept
Korean luxury brand might yet make it to Ireland.

Hyundai Ireland has spoken in the (dim, distant, pre-pandemic) past about a keen-ness to bring the company's luxury brand - Genesis - to Ireland. If the commercial figures add up, there's still a good chance that it might happen, and that possibility came a little closer with the announcement that Genesis is going to enter the UK market later this year.

All-electric coupe

If the brand can bring with it cars as staggeringly good looking as this, the Genesis X concept, then frankly we're all for it. The X concept is a big, luxurious, two-door coupe in the general manner of a Mercedes S-Class Coupe. However, this Genesis concept is arguably (perhaps even unarguably) better looking than the Benz, mixing cues from Bentley, Ferrari, and with just a hint of 1970s Bristols (ask your grandad...).

Underneath, it's all-electric, but Genesis hasn't revealed any performance nor range data for the X concept. Sadly, that's likely because a concept is all it is, at least for now, although it would be very, very easy to see this car slapped onto Hyundai's versatile new E-GMP electric car architecture.

Genesis bills the X as a "large, high-performance GT" - the kind of car that once was used to cross continents, but which now has largely been replaced by private jets amongst the rich and shameless. The car is meant to evoke Genesis new design signature of 'two lines.' Check out the split-level headlight LEDs and sidelights for proof of that.

"The car that we are unveiling today is a concept car that embodies the essential elements that Genesis pursues in its designs. Please take a moment to meet the future of Genesis design through this concept car, which embodies our brand's progressive and audacious spirit" said Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis Brand.

'Athletic Elegance'

"The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of 'Athletic Elegance', the inherent design language of Genesis," said SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis' Global Design. "The signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models."

Up front, you'll find the vast 'Crest' grille, which is odd because an electric car doesn't need a grille. Genesis says it's not just a styling affectation though, and that having the grille actually helps with airflow around and into the car, and actually improves its aerodynamics. The grille gets a 3D 'G-Matrix pattern' which will make its way onto future Genesis production models.

The bonnet behind it is a single clamshell unit that wraps over the tops of the front wings, which should be good for aero but which would be a nightmare to productionise if Genesis ever gets serious about building the X for real.

Down the sides, there's an 'arching, parabolic line' to link the front and the rear of the car, and small camera units instead of wing mirrors. Even the charging socket gets a 'slick, slide-to-open charging door.' The five-spoke alloy wheels get a two-layered, turbine-type design.

The colour is a nod to the car's sustainable, electric nature. It's called Lençóis Blue and it's said to be inspired by the Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, where a lake forms only during the rainy season.

Colours separate the cabin

Inside, the cockpit is actually pretty broad and airy, but it's been divided into two distinct cells, though the colour of the leather trim. For the driver, there's a traditional 'scotch brown' colour scheme, while the passenger gets 'an ocean wave green blue' hue. Both seats come with four-point aircraft-style harnesses instead of conventional seatbelts, and they have exposed metal frames for a dash of architectural style.

The dashboard seems to sprout from the centre console and wraps itself around the two front seats, while the 'two lines' styling thing extends to the air vents, which are designed to be 'slim and indirect.' Much of the cabin features recycled and upcycled materials, including a weave-patterned fabric made out of leftover pieces of leather from previous manufacturing processes, which was used for the safety belts, parts of the steering wheel, and the airbag cover, highlighting the concept car's eco-friendliness.

Production chances? Slim for the moment, we'd say, but never say never. If the Genesis brand really takes off, and it wants a rival for the Mercedes SL and the Lexus LC 500, this would be a pretty good place to start.

Published on March 31, 2021
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