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Extreme Skoda roadster revealed

Extreme Skoda roadster revealed

The Skoda RS 2000 roadster is, sadly, just a design study.

Skoda has grabbed the spotlight at the GTI-Treffen in Worthersee, Austria with its Fabia-based RS 2000 roadster.

The four-door soft-top is a one-off design concept for the biggest gathering of VW Group fans. It's finished in Skoda's racing green and has the same alloy wheels as the Fabia S2000 rally car that is also on display.

Skoda boss Winfried Vahland said: "This is an opportunity for us to show off our sports models and make sure everyone knows that Skoda really has something to offer. This car has been specially built for the GTI-Treffen."

Details about the RS 2000 convertible are scarce as Skoda is quick to point out it is meant only as a design study. However, the pumped-up wheel arches, large front air intake, bonnet vents and deep spoiler hint that it might be based on the S2000 rally car.

Inside, the RS 2000 has four individual seats and a dashboard modelled on the existing Fabia's. There's also a cut-down roadster-style windscreen and side windows that taper from the screen to the rear of the back doors.

Published on June 2, 2011
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