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Volkswagen Caddy Beach campervan

Volkswagen Caddy Beach campervan Volkswagen Caddy Beach campervan
Volkswagen Caddy Beach gives you a double-bed under a panoramic roof.

Volkswagen is inviting you to sleep under the stars in its latest campervan. Having given us the massive Crafter-based Grand California last year, this year (and at a time when interest in campervans for staycations is off the charts) it's giving us the smaller, simpler, Caddy Beach.

Removable interior fittings

Based on the latest, all-new, Caddy van (obvs...) the idea behind the Caddy Beach is that it's a simple bed-on-wheels (with all of the interior fittings removable when you still need to use it as a van) rather than the more sophisticated house-on-wheels of the larger California models.

Maximum flexibility for spontaneous adventures

"It is intended for all who seek maximum flexibility from their car, so that they can embark on the occasional spontaneous micro-adventure" says Volkswagen. The storage bags and the 2.0-metre double-bed-sized sleeping area all pop out when not in use, and when you do want to have a snooze, you can do so while staring at the stars, thanks to the 1.4-square metre panoramic roof above the bed. That roof, and the slide glass (which actually use the custom-luggage bags as screens), can all be blanked out too, for those who prefer a little more privacy. Ensuring comfort while sleeping on the almost two-metre-long bed are disc spring elements, as used in the beds of the California or Grand California as well.

Electronic driver aids

The new Caddy features 19 assistance systems for comfort and safety while travelling. Included among them is Travel Assist, which for the first time ever enables assisted driving in a Volkswagen commercial vehicle over the entire range of speeds. Also new in the Caddy and familiar from the Crafter and the T series are Trailer Assist, which makes reverse manoeuvring with a trailer significantly easier, as well as the Side-Assist and Rear Traffic Alert.

You can choose from three engines for the Caddy Beach - 75hp and 122hp diesels, with twin-dosing AdBlue systems for lower NOX emissions, and a 116hp turbo petrol version - and order books open in September.

Published on July 30, 2020
Written by