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My working week: Dave Humphreys

Monday November 4

Quite a few things happening this week, which kicks off with a spot of car swapping logistics. I drop back the Citroen C3, which I must admit has surprised me somewhat. If I'm honest I think it had low expectations, so it was nice to be proved otherwise by a car. The driveway is subsequently taken up by a BMW 114d, which could prove to be an interesting car.

Tuesday November 5

With a few full-day events happening later this week, I stick to the office today and try to make life a little easier for myself. Even at this late stage of the year there is still so much happening in the car world, which is great to see. Tonight is taken up with some time in the recording studio working on the latest episode of The Engine Room Show, where I got to play around with a new gadget - a nice watch that also contains a contact-less credit card payment chip, meaning you can just wave your wrist past the credit card machine to pay. The future is definitely here!

Wednesday November 6

Early enough start today as team are off on a journey around Ireland for a feature piece that you'll be able to read about soon. What I can tell you is that it involved two examples of the BMW 3 Series and a lot of laughter in the end! The other rather interesting news from today is the first official image of the forthcoming Jaguar F-Type Coupé. If it's anything like the soft-top it will be a stunning car to both drive and look at.

Thursday November 7

Switching job roles slightly this morning as Shane and I are doing some car photography with our snapper Max, who is over for a few days from the UK. As luck would have it even the weather is playing ball, which makes my driving in the Citroen C4 Picasso and BMW i3 all the nicer. Two very different and very good cars. As soon as that's done, I dash off to Carton House to catch the end of a Fiat refresher day and finally get to drive the new 500L range. I was quite taken by the looks of the 500L Trekking.

Friday November 8

After a couple of days involving a lot of time on the road it's back to the office properly today to finish off some of what had been started earlier in the week. The 114d hasn't been troubled too much this week but I've managed to plan a good long drive over the weekend, which should be good.

My working week: Neil Briscoe

Monday October 28

It's going to be a full week this week, with two electric cars and some work to be done on the family motor, but I'm kicking things off with a bit more style by taking out the Audi S3 for a spin. And when I say spin, well, let's just say that I know a road, a quiet, twisty, bumpy road that is just perfect for unleashing a car like this on. Wow, what a machine. So many fast Audis have left me cold down through the years, but the way the S3 goes is just very…

Bringing back petrol

Sweating metaphorical bullets we joined the motorway. My driver tried desperately to accelerate without actually touching the throttle pedal while I scanned the road ahead for any potential lorries to draft behind. A speed of 80km/h had been set as a notional maximum but to be honest, we were often well below. Night had fallen and the rest of the fast-flowing traffic was whipping past our right wing mirror, carrying big motorway speeds and oblivious entirely of our desperate mission. Suddenly a whoop of joy went up from the right-hand seat and in the dim glow of the dash lights…

My working week: Dave Humphreys

Monday October 21
Early start to the week in the form of a morning flight to Düsseldorf with Audi to drive the updated A8 and S8 models. It's funny how although we tend to refer to these updates as 'facelift' models, the manufacturers always have their own little names for them - in Audi's case it's PI, Product Improvement. The changes to the car have been subtle, but it's a good opportunity to stretch the car's legs on German autobahns - couldn't get the S8 past 267km/h, but it is higher than the claimed 250km/h…