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Any limit on number of cars I can bring with me from the UK?

My wife and I are moving to Ireland from England and we have two cars with my name on the V5 - though one is my wife's. We were thinking of buying a campervan and taxing and registering it here for the six months before bringing it in without charges. Is there a limit to the amount of vehicles you can bring in? Can't find answer on Revenue website.


Jun 2023 Filed under: importing

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Are these items covered under warranty?

I bought a SEAT Ibiza earlier this year.

I had to bring it back to the garage for screeching in the brakes, they replaced the pads but now I am told that the discs are gone; should they not have seen this? Also, are they covered under warranty? Is air conditioning covered under warranty as it turns out the gas is gone on this as well?

M Donnelly (Tipperary)

Sep 2023 Filed under: warranty

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VRT on a 1995 Bentley Turbo R?


I am looking for some idea as to how much the VRT would be to import a 1995 Bentley Turbo R with an Irish open market selling price of €15k approximately.

Many thanks, Will

William Govan (Cavan)

Aug 2023 Filed under: importing

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NOx rating for a 2019 Skoda Karoq?


What is the NOx value for a 2019 Skoda Karoq with CO2 value of 133g/km? It's the 1.5-litre TSI 110 with the DSG automatic gearbox.

Patrick Heavin (Galway)

Aug 2023 Filed under: importing

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When to change a 2016 Golf TDI's belt?

2016 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI with 75,000km on the clock: when should I change its timing belt?

John Griffin (Kells)

Aug 2023 Filed under: servicing

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Can I tax a crew cab vehicle for private use?


Could you please tell me if I can buy a crew cab vehicle and tax it legally if I don't own a registered business? Will the tax office tax it for me without a big rigmarole?

Thank you.


Aug 2023 Filed under: commercial vehicle

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Why no Mazda logo on my MX-5?

Why does my 1991 MX-5 SE not have a Mazda emblem on the front?

Richard Bowie (Pickering On)

Aug 2023 Filed under: bodywork

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Should I change my Octavia's belt early?


I asked a question previously re changing a timing belt on a 2018 Skoda Octavia TSI. Came back as 240,000km, as the belts for that make are long-life. The Skoda dealer is now saying my belt needs changing as it's five years old, even though there is only 80,000km on the clock. Is it best to just go with it and change it or should I wait? Nothing in the user manual about changing.

Ger O Mahony (Limerick)

Jun 2023 Filed under: servicing

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Can I fix a Megane Cabrio's door?

I have a 2006 Renault Megane cabriolet. Last month an idiot in an old 4x4 reversed into the passenger side back panel (behind the door) creating what can only be described as a meteor strike of a dent! Would a reputable body repair shop be able to "beat out" the dent, or is the panel in question reinforced from the inside and not accessible?

This is what a repair shop has told me... or is he just worried about further damage?! I really would appreciate an honest answer to this dilemma which is becoming a total insurance nightmare!

Phil Partridge (Cavan)

Feb 2023 Filed under: bodywork

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Does my Fiat 500 have a battery issue?


I have a 2010 Fiat 500. The stop-start system has not been turning the engine off when I’m at a standstill. At the moment the boot will not open unless the engine is running. Would this have anything to do with faulty battery?

Thank you

Catherine Hanlon (Essex)

Apr 2023 Filed under: fault

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