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Looking for used automatic car...

Hi, I am looking for a used automatic hatchback petrol car for my wife. She's a learner and would prefer a small automatic hatchback. Would you mind helping me to find the best automatic car from year 2015 to 2017? We went through your reviews and made a list of cars thatsuits our needs. They are Hyundai i10, Skoda Citigo, Kia Picanto, Toyota Yaris, SEAT Ibiza, SEAT Mii, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 108 and Renault Clio etc. I was wondering if you could suggest me the best option?

Filed under automatic - Asked by Nithin Mathew (New Ross, Wexford) - Fri, 17 Apr 2020 19:30

What's up with my i40's auto gearbox?


I have a 2014 Hyundai i40 and recently I face an issue with the car. It's in D mode automatic, but during the journey the transmission shifts to manual by itself. What will be the problem be and what should I do?

Filed under automatic - Asked by ASHFAQUE HUSSAIN (RIYADH ) - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 11:23

When to change automatic gearbox oil?


When or how often should the oil in an automatic gearbox be changed? The manufacturers may say (I don't know?) it doesn't need to be changed at all, that it is good for the lifetime of the transmission: but what do they mean by the lifetime of the transmission? 100,000 miles? One would expect a transmission to last a lot longer. There are views out there on the internet that say change every 30,000 or 50,000 miles. Do you have access to any independent experienced mechanics that could give an authoritative answer? I have a C-Class automatic petrol Mercedes and an automatic diesel Volvo.



Filed under automatic - Asked by Philip Donegan (Ballina) - Sat, 11 Jan 2020 13:04

I have €4,000 for a small automatic car...

Willing to spend €4,000 on a small automatic. Any suggestions what I should look for?

Filed under automatic - Asked by Samm Panka (Dublin) - Wed, 30 Jan 2013 10:09

Should I go for an automatic Volvo S40?

I'm looking at a Volvo S40, automatic. Are there any disadvantages of an automatic over a manual? Are there any reports about Volvo S40 gearboxes?

Filed under automatic - Asked by Nabeel Alhamdy (Dublin) - Sat, 02 Feb 2013 22:07

Why is my BMW 5 Series hesitating?

I have a 2005 BMW 5 Series Automatic. It hesitates at take-off or low speed when the accelerator is pressed. Then shoots off after a few seconds. It's as if it doesn't know what gear to choose, then drops a gear and flies. Fine in higher gears/speeds. Software reset and filter change has been done.


Filed under automatic - Asked by Conor O'sullivan (Ashbourne) - Thu, 01 Aug 2013 13:39

Is the semi-automatic Colt reliable?

Hi, I am planing to buy a 2009 Mistubishi Colt 1.3 semi automatic, which is imported from the UK and its mileage is 54,000km. One of my friends has told me that the semi automatic model has issues so I shouldn't buy the semi automatic. It will be helpful if you can give some feedback about this model.

Thanks a lot in advance

Filed under automatic - Asked by Bijo Mathew (Dublin) - Sat, 12 Aug 2017 23:03

Which 2013 auto SUV to go for?

Any advice on 2013 choice for automatic transmission SUV?

Filed under automatic - Asked by Paxton Daniel (Fort Worth) - Fri, 29 Nov 2013 17:34

Can I get an automatic Dacia Duster?

I am looking for a Dacia Duster automatic. Is it possible to get one new or second hand?

Filed under automatic - Asked by Jim Mcsweeney (Limerickj) - Tue, 07 Mar 2017 21:18

Looking for an automatic Nissan Qashqai.

I am looking for an automatic Nissan Qashqai...

Filed under automatic - Asked by Rue M (Harare) - Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:31

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